Vintage Tumblr Themes
Out of SHEER curiosity;

Earlier on my Tumblr… lol

when you make the thing say “private” instead of “publish now” up there, can you say who can see it, or is it just you.

Upon clicking the drop down thing to it, I see SOME things change, but there is no person selector. Hmm…
Then do ONLY your followers see it, or…


I’ll post it. I guess “like” it if you can see it. Just so I know.

Problem solved. (So you know, I’ve made this post public now.)
It doesn’t even pop up on your dash. You need to click the “posts” thing on your Dashboard, and it give you a button marked “share” where all the other posts have “notes”, “edit” and “delete”. Then that gives you a link to the page with JUST the post.


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